Applying to all Editions
  Terms to define Observation Tasks can be generated
ad libitum
  Each term is laid down in a central depository called the Catalogue
  Terms can be edited, deleted and classified at any time
  Terms can be combined deliberately into a Code-System
  A general content-free code-system is provided
  A Lexicon is available to exemplify and define Catalogue terms
  Camouflage of data to protect privacy
  A particular Template is used to characterise an Observation Task
  The number of Templates is unrestricted
  Catalogue, Lexicon and Templates are covered in a Project
  A Project may contain more than one template (Observation Task)
  Projects are saved and accessed discretely
  Easy setup of a Template in a couple of minutes
  Templates can be copied and edited
  An Observation Session is started by calling a Template
  Coding of observations with one mouse click
  Coding may be stopped and resumed at any time
  Local date and real time tagging of data
  Computation and graphics of descriptive statistics
  Filtering of data
  Data export

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