App Description
Observing-v is for continuous coding of video recordings by means of user-defined Code-Systems. Anything that can be perceived, i.e. observed, can be a code of a Code-System: activities, behaviours, natural or physical events.

The video needs to reside locally on the macOS device used for coding or on an attached disk, both preferably a SSD. Frame rate: any. Preferred video format: ‘.mov'.

A selection of functions:

  Data file is instantaneously readable, i.e. the names of the Code- Systems, the codes, the codes’ duration, the codes’ start time, observer who coded the video are in a human readable format.
  Coding of observations with one mouse click
  Coding may be stopped and resumed at any time
  Instantaneous error correction during coding
  Start and end time of events are recorded
  Slow motion and fast forward at any rate
  Local date and real time tagging of data
  Computation of Basic statistics, i..e. absolute and relative frequencies over the whole or deliberately defined observation periods, frequency per hour, mean of duration of events, highest and lowest values, median, variance, standard deviation, local time of events' occurrences, duration of events.
  Bar chart
  Filtering of video samples
  Data export

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Requires macOS 10.12 or later